League Play at Lakewood

2020 League play will commence the week of April 28th.
Further information for each League is listed below.


For more information phone the Golf Shop at 403-887-2477.

Please Note: In 2019 both the Ladies Evening and the Mixed League were fully subscribed. 2019 members of both those leagues have the option to register for League play in that league up until April 1st.  After that date membership will be opened to everyone and registration for Current Members will not be guaranteed. For those who are interested in joining either league, but were not members in 2019, it is possible to have your name added to the Wait List for the league of your choice. If there are openings available after April 1st prospective new league members will be contacted in the order they appear on the list. To have your name added to the Wait List contact the Golf Shop at 403-887-2477.

Active Living League

 Ladies Evening Fun League

Junior League

 Ladies Day League

 Men's League

 Mixed Fun League

Ladies Leisure League