Cobra Golf Personalized Club Fitting


Custom fitting is about creating the perfect club for each player. First things first, we need to know how you like to play. We’ll examine how you play, how you use your current clubs and find your strengths and weak spots, so be sure to bring your own clubs (and your favourite balls) to the fitting.


Then, we begin the process of custom fitting your Cobra golf clubs using a state-of-the-art comprehensive analysis of your golfing technique.

The data tells us about your:

          Impact speed

          Ball velocity

          Hitting distance

          Smash factor

          Launch angle


          Spin rates (back, side and total)



This information provides a clear picture of your game, enabling us to combine the ideal customizations to match your swing and boost your performance on the course.


Drop by the Golf Shop today and talk to Scott about what you can do to improve your game.